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Link :iconnarcissisticrose:NarcissisticRose 4 3 mob everywhere :iconbokoi:Bokoi 7 10 Muffet :iconnarcissisticrose:NarcissisticRose 2 0 Blue :iconnarcissisticrose:NarcissisticRose 4 0 Moon :iconnarcissisticrose:NarcissisticRose 2 0 Mer :iconnarcissisticrose:NarcissisticRose 3 0 Lula :iconnarcissisticrose:NarcissisticRose 4 0 Slime :iconnarcissisticrose:NarcissisticRose 4 0 MMD_Welcome to our world :iconxtenshi-ameshisutox:xTenshi-Ameshisutox 3 0 MMD_Evil Chibis :iconxtenshi-ameshisutox:xTenshi-Ameshisutox 4 0 Clawz and Loocas :D :iconstormgale:Stormgale 174 26
Scattered Heart Chain- Chapter 11 (Pt.1)
The legend of Link:
Scattered Heart Chain
-Two days, linked stories-
-Hello, birdie! Me lost. Cans birdie help Berry get back to Linky?
-You are talking to me?- Asked the bird who was in a cage inside a dark room.
-Yes! Berry talking to you!
-Well, I would help you, but I’m inside this cage.
-Why you in cage?
-My master’s father instructed the guards to put me here. I miss Prince Link a lot, but I can’t get out.
-Prince name is Linky, too? My master’s name Link!
-Really? Well, what a coincidence. And hey, maybe I can help you after all. I’ll tell you were to go! Just promise me you will tell my Link where I am, so he can get me out.
-Okay! Berry helps birdie.
-Ha, ha! What an interesting creature- He chirped as he moved back and forth on a long stick inside his cage- My name is Pipit, by the way. Nice to meet you, Berry.
-Nice to meet Pipit!
-Okay, now--- Oh, I don’t think you can see, huh?
-No, but Berry lis
:iconkim-sukley:Kim-SukLey 21 9
Twelve Days of Smash (2014) :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 642 110 SHC- Right... :iconkim-sukley:Kim-SukLey 39 28 There's no going back, I'm here :iconkim-sukley:Kim-SukLey 96 3 Kiss :iconeluwaruburu:eluwaruburu 213 43
These are favorites that my friends have made

Commission Open by MK-FireQueen

Commissions cost 5 :points: for Canon Characters,
Fan Characters and Original Characters cost 7 :points:
Any Fanfics: 5 :points: for Canon
7 :points: for Fan Characters

Stamp: AT - Open by czupa-czups
I'm always open to Art Trades
If it is Pictures please let me know through :note: and I'll reply c:

dA Stamp - Requests Open by lynkx-ie
I'm always open to Requests just send me a :note: or a comment but if possible please do try and be patient with me and not send too many at a time

Newest Deviations

Chai :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 3 4 My Neighbor Gizmo - Mother 3 :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 3 4 Cake :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 5 4
A Poem on Mother 3
It is night, I stare so bold.
The ceiling black, the night cold.
The fear soaking over like a blanket.
Not a source of comfort in sight.
My arm, metallic as it was unfeeling.
My heartrate slow and unrevealing.
My eyes burn with unshed tears.
The loudest of ringing in my ears.
The robotic gears, and metal parts.
It jump started my dead heart.
A mask placed upon my head,
All my memories dead.
I choose the path, I shall meet my end.
How foolish I am, for my pain.
In my reckless and silly ways.
I am sorry brother, I truly am.
I am sorry, I smile
Do not cry. Just like Mother.
I'll be in the sky.
Pull the needle, off you go.
Let the world restart in woe.
Do not weep dear brother, I shall come back
Another day.
:iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 1 7
Ring a Ring a Rosies.
The rain won't stop pouring.
I'm Screaming.
I'm Crying.
I won't stop crying.
Ring a Ring a Rosies.
My Mind is disorienting.
I'm talking.
I'm smiling.
I know I'm unhappy.
Ring A Ring A Rosies.
Alarm Clocks are going.
They are loud.
I hate the sound.
Of getting up in the morning.
:iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 0 0
Marble, Glass and Gold
On the Surface, I may seem hard like marble,
Tough and smooth.
Covered in unique patterns,
Made to look pretty for everyone.
It's a strange stone,
You'll find me deep, deep in the ground.
Just a recrystallized mineral.
It's nothing special.
Underneath I'm like glass,
Shiny but sharp.
Just the shards flowing through my veins,
Strange how I haven't shattered yet.
I make a reflection,
A judgement.
I also break so easy,
But I am just made of cooked sand.
The strangest piece of me,
Is a Heart of gold.
It is strange how I am made.
I felt weird but I remember.
I am Tough and Smooth,
But Sharp and shiny.
And with a heart of pure gold.
I am a creation of Marble, Glass and Gold.
:iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 0 0
Poem- Fantasy vs Reality
For those who live.
For those who dream.
For those who cry.
For those who scream.
We're here for you,
We are the characters that you create,
The ones you love
The ones you hate
Though we change among the time
We're here for you,
For the ride.
For those who stress everyday.
For those who smile, laugh and play.
One could wonder why the stars shine
One could figure it in a heartbeat.
We're here for you,
To comfort you with all the tears
To make the smiles of the day.
To make the hope of the days come by.
:iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 2 0
FINALLY I HAVE COMPLETED IT :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 2 0 My art project so far :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 1 2 Heinoustuck Karkat Vantas :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 0 10 Five Nights At Tumblr :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 5 10
Fandomstuck: The Beauty of the Earth
Summary: (Hetastuck: Fluff) Homestuck discovers something extremely disturbing about Hetalia, He has scars..., This is surprising to Homestuck as Hetalia is beautiful why wouldn't people like him just because of his scars?
"Hey Hetalia?" Homestuck asked me as I looked up from my cute new kitten which I named Supercatural, I already have 2 other cats Catstuck and Nekotalia "What's up Homestuck? Ve~" I asked as he sat down holding my shipping chart with my mostly empty quadrants "Why are your quadrants so empty, I mean you had a relationship with Vocaloid and all but why am I your only quadrant" He asked as I blinked "well maybe I am taking my time" I replied but I was lying, I just didn't feel comfortable with myself... "Hetalia you're lying I can tell" Homestuck spoke snapping me out of my thoughts "What No! I'm not lying what gives you that idea!" I spoke waving my hands quickly as he blinked at my sudden hostility "woah okay dude calm down a little" He replied as I felt alittl
:iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 6 0
3p Fauchereve :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 1 8 My Italy Mochi!!! :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 2 10 Wonderland 1p Italy :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 0 0 Wonderland 2p Italy :iconfandom-daydreams:Fandom-Daydreams 2 0
My Art please don't steal

Welcome to my DA (free) by MidowkoSherlock sprite by ArkeresiaDanny Phantom sprite by FeniikuScience Bros Ask 10 by ecokittystitch by cherrielty:thumb349192615:


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The Cinnamon rolls and cuties:

This is my cutie bae, She is wonderful and cute. I wanna squish her face >w<

She's a cool girl

A good friend .u.


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